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Contact: Alex Barrera
Website: https://www.houstonequalitydental.org/
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COVID-19 has exposed the many holes in our health care system. We have discovered that those communities struggling most to access testing and treatment for COVID-19 are also the same communities hit hardest by the economic impacts of this virus and that struggle to access the oral health care they need.

As many organizations are shifting their focus to protect the physical, emotional, and financial health of their communities, the Houston Equality Dental Network (HEDN) knows that the need for access to critical dental care has not gone away. Due to existing health care disparities and difficulty finding care, we acknowledge that the LGBTQ+ is more at risk for oral health problems at this time.

HEDN members have agreed to provide FREE virtual dental and oral health consultations for those in the LGBTQ+ community that are struggling to find access to oral health care. While no diagnoses can be made virtually, we can help answer questions, provide tips and advice, and refer patients to a clinic where they can be seen.

If you are interested in a free virtual dental consultation, please email alexgbarrera@gmail.com to set up an appointment time.

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