In support of our mission, our outreach programming is designed to create events which are safe spaces for the LGBT community to gather with their friends and family as well as to raise awareness and promote harmony between the LGBT community and the Brazos Valley community as a whole.

Pride Picnic

The annual Pride Picnic is returning.

In honor of the Decision by the United States Supreme Court to deny certiorari in the case of GSS vs Texas A&M University, allowing the 5th Circuit Court ruling to stand that Gay Student Services (GSS) could indeed meet as an organization on campus, paving the way for not only LGBTQ+ organizations on campus, the GLBT Resource Center, but also social/ fraternal organizations in general; Pride Community Center will be honoring this history with its annual Pride Picnic in April 2020


Through collaboration and consensus, the Pride Community Center strives to support and empower individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and allied persons of the Brazos Valley. It also provides outreach and education to the public at large which will (1) lead to greater safety, comfort; understanding and respect for all, (2) lessen social tension, and (3) promote harmony between the Community and the citizenry as a whole.