LGBT History Month

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In October we honor LGBT History Month. We remember our elders, those who have gone before us in the movement, and those we might consider our role models. However, part of growing up and out of innocence is confronting fiercely the question of the foibles of those we honor. Being able to honor the work, while acknowledging the flaws of our heroes does not make the work they have done less amazing, even if that is how we might feel at first. It makes them human.

In a way, it is those acts of bravery, courage, and bold heroing that they do that are made all the more unique because they are flawed and not perfect. They are us, and we can be them.

As we honor LGBT History this year, let’s have the hard questions of “What about our heroes flaws? How do we reconcile that”. “Do we discredit what they have done because of those flaws or dissappointing things we find out about them? What might they be able to do to repair the damage in our eyes of the flawed with the excellence? Or, is that partially our struggle to figure out?

— Katrina Stewart