Film: L’Immensita

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The Queen Film Society, Texas A&M School of Performance, Vizualization & Fine Art, and Pride Community Center bring a screening of the italian film L’immensita by Emanuele Crialese

From Wikipedia: (quoted)

“L’immensità (transl. The immensity) is a 2022 drama film directed by Emanuele Crialese, and co-written by Crialese, Francesca Manieri and Vittorio Moroni. The film stars Luana Giuliani alongside Penélope Cruz and Vincenzo Amato. It is an international co-production between Italy and France.

Set in 1970s Rome, the fiction tracks the plight of a nuclear family, consisting of an unhappy married couple: Clara (a moody expatriate Spaniard) and Felice (a businessman cheating on Clara with his secretary) and their children Adriana, Gino, and Diana. The eldest child, 12-year-old Adriana (assigned a female at birth) experiences gender dysphoria and identifies as a male and goes by the name of Andrea (a primarily masculine name in Italian). Andrea develops a crush for Sara, a girl who accepts Andrea’s gender identity. Upon a shared sense of being outsiders, Andrea and Clara bond closer. “


Wikipedia source:’immensita_(film)
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Set in 1970

Film is in Italian, subtitles in English