Trans Youth T-Shirt Design Contest

Pride Community Center is starting up a t-shirt design contest targeted at empowering trans youth and showing that we stand behind them. The 2023 legislative session has some harmful anti-lgbt legislation prepared, too much of it targeting our transgender youth. For the second year in a row, we will be raising some funds for local LGBTQ+ youth work being done by selling t-shirts and other merchandise at a premium with 100% of profits going to our youth activities. ⁠

⁠To kick this campaign off for 2023, we want some merchandise ideas from our community, specifically t-shirt designs. ⁠
Our theme for 2023: “We support our TransTexan Youth”

How can you participate?
Create a free account in Canva©. In “What will you design today?” Search on “t-shirt”. Choose “Create a blank t-shirt”. Alternatively, create a 4K x 4K pixel image in your graphics software.

  • Design a t-shirt using Canva’s tools
  • Share your completed piece
    • Click the share button
    • Choose download
    • Make file type .PNG
    • Click on for Transparent background
    • Select your specified design page to export
    • Click download
  • Email your .PNG file to

If you do not use Canva©, submissions need to be 8.5 x 11 or 4K x 4K pixel resolution.

Deadline is February 26th 11:59pm

Judging will be done by Pride Community Center Leadership or a combo of the leadership team and public voting.

Winner receives a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a t-shirt or other merchandise with their selected design on it.

All submissions become the property of Pride Community Center.

⁠Competition is open, the leadership of Pride Community Center looks forward to your designs.