Asian American Queer Women Study Recruitment

Hello Everyone,

We are a group of student researchers at the University of La Verne studying the impact of minority stress on Asian American Queer Women. We are looking for people to participate in a study about the experiences of Queer Asian American women in relation to minority stress and relationship satisfaction and psychological distress. Additional information will be gathered about body appreciation, identity affirmation, acculturation, and demographic information.

There are no direct benefits to participating. You will contribute to knowledge and $1 will be donated for every participant up to $200 to the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance.

Participants qualify for this study if they are 18 years of age or older, identify as an Asian American Woman that is currently in a romantic relationship with another woman, and currently reside in and take the survey within the United States.

Participants will be required to complete a series of questionnaires based on their personal experiences. The study should take approximately 30 minutes. 

The results may be published in scientific or student papers and presented at conferences or in classrooms or other venues. 

Link to Survey: or scan QR code below with your phone to be directed to the survey.

Thank you for your contribution and for helping us study the lives of Queer Asian American women. For further information, you can contact Mckenzie Marchan ( or Kristina Post (

Kind Regards,

McKenzie Marchan

Approved by the University of La Verne Institutional Review Board, #2022-39-CAS