Work and Health Experiences of LGBTQ Texans

Dear Pride Community Center,

Dr. Elizabeth K. Eger, an Assistant Professor at Texas State University, and her student research assistants (Kylie Arthur, Luis Ortiz, and Cassidy Trim) are conducting a research study to learn about the work and health experiences of LGBTQ+ Texans. We are examining the work and health histories of LGBTQ+ Texans, exploring their memorable experiences of how their sexuality and/or gender identities impact their work experiences, and investigating how work and health experiences overlap and are tied to multiple identities and experiences like race, disability, class, and more. 

Participants are asked to complete a questionnaire to understand organizational and health communication experiences as an LGBTQ+ Texan. Participation is voluntary, and questionnaire results will be confidential.  The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Participants must be at least 18 years old to take this questionnaire, live in the state of Texas, identify as LGBTQ+, and have worked at least 1 month since March 2020.  

Please note, in the questionnaire, we will ask for the specific language you use to describe your sex, gender identity, and sexuality identities and experiences. By LGBTQ+, we mean are you a part of queer, trans, and/or intersex communities. Also, work can be part-time, temporary, caregiving, and any form of work. You do not need to be currently employed or a U.S. citizen to complete this survey. 

10 participants who complete the questionnaire will receive a $10 gift card through a random drawing. Additionally, participants will be asked if they are willing to complete a follow-up Zoom (or in-person) interview (75-90 minutes) and drawing activity (10-minutes). If you are chosen for the interview and drawing activity, all selected interview participants will receive a $40 gift card. 

If you would like to complete the questionnaire, please visit:

Please also see our attached flyer.  

To participate in this research or ask questions about this research please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Elizabeth K. Eger, at or 512-245-7823. 

This project #8361 was approved by the Texas State IRB on August 26, 2022. Pertinent questions or concerns about the research, research participants’ rights, and/or research-related injuries to participants should be directed to the IRB chair, Dr. Denise Gobert 512-716-2652 – (  or to Monica Gonzales,  IRB Regulatory Manager 512-245-2334 – mailto:(